Industry Sector (Updated April 2017)            --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Algeria recently set up a new strategy of industrial revival, the purpose of which is to develop, to modernize and
integrate more the Algerian industry. From this perspective, the government seeks to improve the attractiveness
of Algeria as investments destination, in order to revitalize the industrial activity, create new business opportunities
and encourage the implementation of new investments. This initiative also aims at promoting the digital economy,
developing and providing flexible and innovative financing, in order to encourage manufacturers to modernize
their production facilities.


The major axes of the industrial strategy




The industry Sectoral deployment:







  - The industry Spatial deployment :





- Exploiting the spatial concentration of economic activities


- Networking of enterprises, public institutions and research, training and expertise structures




 - Industrial development policy
















The strategic activities


1. Iron and steel,


2. Hydraulic binders,


3. Electrical and electrical appliances,


4. Industrial chemistry, pharmaceuticals


5. Mechanical and automotive,


6. Aeronautics,


7. Shipbuilding and repair,


8. Advanced technologies,


9. Food processing,


10. Textiles and Clothing,


11. Leather and derivatives


12. Wood and Furniture Industries