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Yemen seeks to benefit from Algeria’s experience in industrialization



ALGIERS- Yemeni Prime Minister Mohamed Salem Basindawa expressed Monday in Algiers his country’s wish to benefit from Algeria’s experience in industrialization, "a field in which it has made significant progress," he said.

During his visit to the National Company of Industrial Vehicles (SNVI), accompanied by Minister of Industrial Development and Investment Promotion Amar Benyounes and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Abdelwahab Nouri, Basindawa underlined that "such an important company is likely to pave the way for the establishment of cooperation between Algeria and Yemen, as well as with other sister countries."

"In order to take the most of Algerian experience, I think that we have to establish a cooperation directed towards imports of Algerian vehicles, and then to examine cooperation opportunities with leading international companies," he said.

"Such companies would allow resolving the problem of unemployment and poverty," he explained, adding that "we shouldn’t rely only on oil and gas, but we should consider building heavy and light industries that can contribute to curbing unemployment."

The Yemeni Premier also hailed the achievements made by President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika since 1999 "when Algeria, after it had faced the problems of foreign debts and housing shortage, has become today a creditor country and has achieved many huge projects," he added.

(APS) Monday 23 December 2013

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