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For strengthening Algerian-Brazilian economic cooperation

ALGIERS- Minister of Industrial Development and Investment Promotion Amara Benyounes on Sunday called on Algerian and Brazilian companies to explore partnership opportunities in order to strengthen the economic cooperation between the two countries.

"Algeria is very interested in Brazil’s economic experience insofar as Brazil is among the major emerging countries which witnessed exceptional economic take-off," said Benyounes, who co-chaired with Brazil’s Deputy Minister for Development, Industry and Trade Ricardo Schaefer the first Algerian-Brazilian forum.

Benyounes also underlined the excellent level of Algerian-Brazilian political relations, and encouraged the economic operators of the two countries to identify partnership projects that will contribute to the creation of joint ventures and the strengthening of economic cooperation.

The minister also talked about the possibility to hold another Algerian-Brazilian business forum in Brazil in June 2014 in order to intensify contacts between businessmen and entrepreneurs of the two countries.

Algeria is Brazil’s second trading partner in Africa and the Arab world, said the Brazilian deputy minister, hoping for the enhancement of economic cooperation and boosting the trade volume between the two countries.

(APS) Sunday 1 December 2013 

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