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Working group on economic and social pact for growth installed

ALGIERS - A working group on the development of an economic and social pact for growth was installed Monday in Algiers, in application of the last tripartite meeting decisions.

Last Thursday, Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal had announced at the end of the tripartite meeting, the setting up of five working groups to identify provisions likely to encourage the development of national businesses.

The first group is thus responsible for "developing the economic and social pact for growth in a period not exceeding three months," he stressed in his speech delivered at the closing session of the c meeting that brought together the government, employers’ associations, and the main trade union.

The group composed of representatives of the three partners and experts will design the strategy for economic and social development that is consistent with government policy, while focusing on economic efficiency and social equity.

According to Minister of Industrial Development and Investment Promotion Amara Benyounes, the group will hold its first meeting next week.

"The report will be submitted to the Prime Minister during the first half of December to be discussed at the next tripartite meeting scheduled before the end of 2013," he has said in his speech at the installation ceremony.

Benyounes stressed the need of moving to a production system to reduce the country’s dependence vis-à-vis oil, emphasizing the importance of responding in this pact, to the need to boost economic growth and maintain social stability.

(APS) Monday 14 October 2013


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