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Making industrial recovery, engine for strong growth


 ALGIERS- Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal stressed Thursday the need for "recovering" Algeria’s industry so to be engine for "strong and healthy" growth, prerequisite to job and wealth creation.

"Algeria’s reindustrialization must necessarily be the engine for a strong and healthy growth which will allow us to create wealth, notably sustainable job and reach at least a 10% share in GDP," he said at the opening of Tripartite meeting.

According to the Premier, this objective set by government represents the "only method to bolster the country’s industrial potential so to create sustainable wealth and job, which ensure prosperity."

Admitting that this task in which all the economic players are involved is "difficult and complex," the Prime Minister said that "at this only price we can effectively break through that vicious circle of dependency on hydrocarbons."

(APS) Thursday 10 October 2013


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