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Industry recovery to dominate Tripartite meeting

ALGIERS- The tripartite meeting (Government-Union- Employers), to be held on Thursday in Algiers will be dominated by the economic issues and the establishment of Algerian economy recovery strategy, observers say.

The meeting will examine the means to expand the economic development and to improve investments in Algeria, chiefly through the establishment of new public, private or joint industrial plants.

The representatives of Government, of the General Union of Algerian Workers (union-UGTA) and the Employers’ associations will have to draft a charter containing the main guidelines of the national economy as recommended by Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal.

After the tripartite, "we eye to establish a charter, whatever are the conditions," had insisted Sellal on several occasions, adding that the "most important is to work out objectively this charter to expand a development which will be beneficial to Algeria."

New measures have just been introduced in the Finance bill 2014. Those provisions endorsed by the Council of Ministers, plan facilitations for investment projects in the southern provinces.

Indeed, 10 year tax exemption period will be granted to the young investors and the unemployed activating under Ansej, Cnac and Angem systems in these provinces.

Investments reported in Algeria have more than doubled during the first half of 2013 to reach 856.7 billion dinars (11.2 billion dollars) against 411.6 billion dinars in the same period in 2012, up 108%, according to the latest report of the National Agency for investment Development (ANDI).

(APS) Wednesday 9 October 2013

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