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Convergence between UGTA and employers on need to revive industrial sector


ALGIERS - Finding new solutions to boost industrial growth and improving the business climate are the main points raised Thursday by representatives of the Algerian employers and the main trade union at a meeting with Amara Benyounes Minister of Industrial Development and Investment Promotion.

President of the National Union of Investors (UNI) Abdelouahab Rahim pointed out at the meeting held in preparation for the next tripartite meeting (Government-Employers-UGTA) the importance of supporting national production which remains, according to him, only solution "if we want to stop the all-out frenzy of imports."

"The problem of the national economy is not the rise in imports, but rather the weakness of the national production. We can stop imports, but there would be no strong domestic production," President of the UNI said.

Rahim also called on the government to further reduce the administrative procedures relating to the investment process.

"The government should encourage the investment process and the resumption of growth," he said.

President of the Forum of Business Leaders (CFE) Reda Hamiani suggested "taxing" imports and expand the negative lists submitted trading partners of Algeria to limit imports.

President of FCE also recommended revising the statutes of the National Agency for Investment Development (ANDI) to strengthen its missions in supporting investors but also "enhance the freedom of the act of investing."

Referring to the industrial land, Hamiani proposed to the government to restore "the ownership of the land for the benefit of investors" who actually contributed to the creation of wealth.

In addition, Secretary General of the General Union of Algerian Workers (UGTA), Abdelmajid Sidi Said, stressed the importance of reviving the domestic industry.

"If we succeed in this challenge, we will leave the logic of being consumers," he said.

"The challenge is to inject our financial resources in the sector of the industry that will revive all other hubs of the economy," Sidi Said concluded.

(APS) Thursday 19 September 




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