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Industry revival: Minister urges economic operators for

 ALGIERS- Minister for Industrial Development and Investment Promotion Amara Benyounes urged Thursday in Algiers the economic operators for "continuous consultation" to steadily revive the national industry and reduce economy dependency on hydrocarbons.

During a meeting with the Employers’ organization in preparation for the coming ’’tripartite’’ meeting, the minister stressed the need for "establishing a climate of trust and dialogue which must be permanent, so to progress."

Industry sector, a hub for the economic development during the 1970s, experienced in past years a ’’decline,’’ Benyounes recalled while stressing emergency to establish a "true policy of growth" and restore the “place of the national industry.”

"We have no other alternatives but to develop the industrial sector to develop our economy. We need a genuine revival of industry," he added.

Benyounes insisted that the Algerian company, whether public or private, "must be at the heart of the economy," voicing his deep conviction that the public-private partnership is one of the keys to success.

"There is a consensus on the need to give priority to the Algerian company," he added.

So, the economic operators are invited to reflect and to identify actions likely to improve domestic production, a process which the government is "firmly committed to," he pointed out.

In this regard, the Minister welcomed the idea of creating a public investment bank.

(APS) Thursday 19 September 2013




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