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Sellal insists on recovery of Algeria’s industrial base

ALGIERS- Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal stressed Saturday in Algiers the need for renewing the "industrial bases of Algeria" so to create further jobs and speed up the pace of the economic growth.

"We will try to recover the industrial base we had previously," the Premier declared during a meeting of the National Council of the National Economic and Social Council (CNES), on the preparation of the Economic and Social Forum of Algeria’s Independence 50th Anniversary, to begin next Tuesday.

"Our action is centered on the recovery of this industrial facility to end the dialogue of the deaf on hydrocarbons part "in the country’s social and economic development, said Sellal, while underlining that "there are factories closed for years" in various sectors as leather.

Thus, he said that hydrocarbons remain one of the levers of the national economy, while announcing a new discovery of shale gas.

"For long time, we have discussed minus-hydrocarbon economy," but "the government action is centered on a pragmatic basis to solve employment problem," Sellal pointed out.

"We need a common reflection so to do better in the economic and social field," he stressed.

Concerning the 49/51% rule on foreign investment in Algeria, the Prime Minister said that its revision "is not currently on the agenda." However, he doesn’t rule out such an approach which is part of a "broader file."

APS Saturday 15 June 2013

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