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French firms invited to develop industrial partnership in Algeria

ALGIERS- Minister of Industry, SME and Investment Promotion Mohamed Benmeradi on Thursday called on French companies to seize the huge investment
opportunities in Algeria to further develop "win-win partnerships" in the country, said a Ministry’s statement. During a meeting with French Ambassador to Algeria Andre Parant, the minister underlined that Algeria "has huge assets"  and French firms "should seize this investment opportunities to get  further involved within the framework of win-win partnerships in Algeria," the release said.
For Benmeradi, the cooperation between partners from the two countries should take into account "the huge opportunities available" and Algeria’s willingness to "develop its production capacity with a view to meet domestic needs, substitute to imports  and diversify its
economy," the source added. "We also want to develop partnerships with French companies for competitiveness gains and to become able to export  to regional markets," the source said.

APS 26-07-2012

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