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2nd International Subcontracting Exhibition in Algiers 

ALGIERS- The second International Subcontracting Exhibition (Algest 2012) was inaugurated Sunday at Algiers Exhibition Centre by Minister of Industry, SME and Investment Promotion Cherif Rahmani. About 70 subcontracting companies, including French, Italian Spanish and Turkish ones, are taking part in this exhibition. This four-day event is "a crossroads that allows bringing together subcontractors and prime contractors to create true and sustainable partnerships in the domestic market, which has to be proressively covered and also to curb the gap between imports and exports," said Rahmani after visiting several stands.
"SME is the driving force of the industrial activity in Algeria, and therefore the development plans of public companies must be directed towards the national subcontracting," said the minister. Subcontracting is a "national commitment and preference," said the minister, who highlighted the need to draw up a list of subcontractors in Algeria, while many industrial sectors show shortage of subcontractors.

APS 16/09/2012

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