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Entrepreneurship: Three technological zones, Startup Support Funds created


ALGIERS- Prime Minister Noureddine Bedoui has announced Saturday in Algiers the creation of three technological zones "Zone tech" and a national fund of support of startups.

Adressing the opening of National Startups Conference organized at the National Conference Centre of Algiers, Bedoui said that the "emergence of such companies (startups) and the dissemination of the entrepreneurial spirit among youth constitutes a priority in all the matters to be examined by the government, chiefly by providing the necessary conditions for the creation and the expansion of startups."

The premier also announced that "Smart Africa 2020", an African meeting on the new technologies would be held in Algeria, adding that the young entrepreneurs and young people with projects and ideas will benefit "from particular support."

The experience on the ground, but also the international experience, has demonstrated the "limits of the unilateral vision" with "unilateral" solutions, mainly stemming from the public administration, he said.


"This is why our approach is intended to involve youth with projects, through institutional mechanisms set up at the ministries of Commerce, Labour and Industry under the supervision of the Premier. Those mechanisms yielded fruits as they allowed us to orient our vision towards what the young entrepreneur expects, for better contribution to the country’s development," he stressed.

In this regard, Bedoui said that this "prolific" experience that the government has adopted in all the examined matters, is based that "exclusion cannot result in a just opinion.”

The objective is to reach the "objectives and materialize youth expectations. We already have accomplished much but much remains to be done."

Saturday, 14 September 2019


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