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Mr Ahmed Ouyahia, the Prime Minister announces several measures in favor of the national community in France


The Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia announced on Thursday in Paris several measures in favor of the national community established in France, focusing on the fact that  what the Algerian state does to their service is "a duty he intends to improve whenever possible" .


He said, in his speech to members of the community at the Embassy of Algeria in France, that young people from the Algerian community in France, who wish to settle in Algeria, will be able to benefit from the micro-companies establishment support devices. These devices, as he explained, accompany young people between the ages of 18 and 35 in a variety of activities, from agriculture and the production of goods and services, to the opening of doctors' offices or offices of architects.


The Prime Minister said that compatriots in the community who wish to invest in Algeria "will be able to benefit from incentive measures granted to resident national investors", noting that Algeria needs know-how, skills and capital of its expatriate children for its economic development.


He also announced the opening in 2018 of a bank in France, a subsidiary of the Bank of Algeria (BEA), to the profits of the Algerian citizens in France who wish to be customers, and at the service of the commercial flow between Algeria and France, stating that the procedures for this opening "is under course of establishment".


Mr. Ahmed Ouyahia noted that the Algerian community abroad represents a deposits of skills, capital and other assets", stressing that Algeria needs its members to "invest in it", including with private.


He affirmed that Algeria needs this community for its scientific and technical skills, and to be used as a "bridgehead" for its exports in France and elsewhere in the world, calling on its members to organize themselves, to be «unified and united ".


"In this area, the state does not want to interfere too much with the risk of appearing wrongly as wanting to 'caporalize' the community," he argued, indicating that any approach intended to federate the Algerian community of nationals, binationals and Algerians of origin integrated into the French political, economic and social system, "will be an asset for you, to make your voice heard and to better defend your rights."


Extract APS,09 December 2017


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