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Bouteflika for win-win partnership between State, investors


ALGIERS- President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika called on the national investors to get more involved in the creation of wealth and jobs in a “win-win” partnership between the State and the economic operators.

Bouteflika affirmed that the encouragement of the State to investment, “which has reached incomparable levels” in tax and real estate matters as well as in terms of reducing expenses on credits and employment, must be accompanied by a return to production and creation of jobs.

President Bouteflika considered, during the council of ministers, that such a commitment is a “strategic choice for the State” but maintaining it “requires producing goods and services” to reduce imports and provide new export revenues and create jobs.

The efforts made to support investment require a “win-win” partnership between the State and economic operators, he added.

The President also underlined the efforts led by the government to “purify the business environment from bureaucracy and the unfair competition of parasitic activities.”

For Bouteflika “the labour market and national, public and private employers must work hand in hand for a social stability, essential to develop important national potentialities and to enable the national economy to achieve progress in productivity and competitively.”

APS Tuesday, 06 October 2015

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