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51/49 rule,




ALGIERS, 07 July 2015| The 51/49 rule could be an "asset" for French investors who should gain more by launching long-term investments in Algeria rather than exporting only, top official for the French-Algerian industrial and technological cooperation at the Prime Minister's office said in an interview granted to APS.

This provision governing foreign investment in Algeria ''could be advantage not a constraint because it allows to find Algerian reliable partners that will help created joint ventures to develop in an administrative, financial and land environment the French partners may not know," Levet said while visiting Algeria under the framework of economic cooperation between the two countries.

He also recognizes that French entrepreneurs had previously a "backward-looking" image of Algeria by considering it, wrongly, as an economically "stale" country, but they realize today that "the Algerian market is important and solvent" and that Algerian consumers "are becoming more demanding."

Now, he argues, it is more interesting for French economic operators to set up in Algeria than to export it only because "they have everything to gain in the long term" in particular by investing in the sectors of manufacturing, agriculture, health, transport and energy.

As for the prospects of bilateral industrial partnerships, particularly in the automotive field, the same official stressed the need to consolidate the common activities of an industrial sector in one region of a country.

"Promoting local automotive industry also means territorializing collective activities of manufacturers, subcontractors and equipment manufacturers, who will be able to gradually rise as supply parts", Levet added.

APS, Tuesday, 07 July 2015   





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