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Algerian-British partnership offers


LONDON – The partnership between Algeria and Great Britain offers "valuable" assets and can be "useful" and "productive" for the countries, stressed Wednesday in London Minister of Industry and Mines, Abdeslem Bouchouareb.

"Reinforcing the partnership launched with the United Kingdom can prove useful and productive for both countries and their companies," the minister said in his speech at the Algerian-British Forum on Trade and Investment.

Moreover, he said that this partnership benefited from the "asserted willingness" of both governments to move forward and build a "strategic" multi-form relation.

"British companies operating in the oil and gas industry, notably British Petrolium (BP), are already present in Algeria for several decades," recalled Bouchouareb.

Petrofac and several British service providers to the Algerian energy sector "are also present," he pointed out, ensuring that cooperation between Algiers and London "could extend to renewable energy."

Bouchouareb has reminded that the exchange between the two countries has "remarkably" increased over the past four years, up from 1 billion pounds in 2010 to nearly 4 billion pounds in 2013, i.e. 6 billion dollars.

For the Minister, these "successes are only the beginning, as both countries want to go further in several areas."

"Algeria is an open country and British companies are welcome. They are known and appreciated by the Algerians who don’t like only Chelsea, Manchester United or Arsenal football clubs," added Bouchouareb, who pointed out that the contribution of British companies is expected in the sectors of health, agriculture, tourism, information and communication technology.

The financial service "is another area of excellence for British companies that Algeria can build on for the reform and the modernization of its financial and banking system," he continued.

On that occasion, Bouchouareb, assured that the "obstacles" that can slow the British companies business in Algeria will be "progressively flattened" especially regarding the business visa.

"Special procedures have been decided for its facilitation," he said, before announcing "broader" measures concerning improving the business climate in Algeria.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

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