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Sellal affirms Algeria's


ALGIERS –Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal stressed the "firm determination" of the government to encourage partnerships with foreign operators, calling on French traders to support Algeria in this "ambitious approach."

After recalling in an exclusive interview to the December’s issue of the monthly magazine Afrique Asie, that the Algerian law is one of the "most advantageous" in terms of the facilitation and protection of foreign direct investment (FDIs), the Prime Minister emphasized the "firm determination" shown by the public authorities to encourage the partnerships between the national, public or private companies with foreign operators.

Indeed, he highlighted the "substantial aid" provided by the authorities to those joint-ventures in the fields of land basis, financing and taxation, affirming that the French economic operators are "welcome to accompany us in this ambitious approach."

"Whether in the petrochemicals, energy, public works, services, agriculture and other fields, the opportunities for French investors to make very good business exist and are various," he argued, calling these investors to seize these opportunities by" showing creativity."

Speaking about the restructuration of the Algerian economy, Sellal recalled that "in conformity with the programme of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Algeria committed to build a diversified and emergent economy to reach by 2019 a growth rate of 7%," and to reduce the unemployment  recorded since more than ten years.

Moreover, Sellal said that even before the beginning of oil prices downtrend, the Algerian government has inscribed in its action plan the preservation of the macro-economic and financial balances of the country, as an "essential objective."

Among the priority areas selected by the government, Sellal stressed the growth outside hydrocarbon, considering it as "a reality and a strategic objective."

He said that Algeria has in these business sectors "comparative advantages that have attracted the interest of many of our partners."

Concerning the stages of shale gas exploration, the Prime Minister said that Algeria’s position "is not dogmatic." 

"We believe in the virtues of pragmatism and common sense. If the exploitation of unconventional hydrocarbon resources is good for Algeria and the Algerians, we launch it no complex," he explained.

He assured, in this regard, that "for the moment, Algeria is working to assess with accuracy the national resources in this area and to integrate

and control multiple techniques of exploration and production in order to ensure the optimal use and preservation of our environment and our ecosystems."

Wednesday, 03 December 2014


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