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Electronic company register operational in Algiers

ALGIERS- The electronic company register has been launched Sunday, in a first step in Algiers. It intends to modernize the services of the National Centre of Company Register (CNRC) and put an end to the falsification of extracts from trade registers.

The introduction of the new document which will concern, as part of trial period, the new company registers in the capital will help, Minister Mustapha Benbada said, to "limit the cases of falsification of this document and streamline the national record of fraudsters."

"This solution has been proposed by a Finish partner, in the country for 30 years and who will contribute in the training of CNRC technicians. It is a highly secure and tamper-proof process," the minister said on the sidelines of the official launch.

In paper format, the new register has an encrypted code on the extract of the document issued in Algiers.

The operation will be extended to all provinces of the country as from June.

Sunday, 16 March 2014


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