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For quality partnership between algerie , germany

ALGIERS – Minister of Industrial Development and Investment Promotion, Amara Benyounès on Wednesday in Algiers called for a for a ''quality partnership" with Germany in order to assist Algeria in the revival of its economy.

"Algeria is working to boosting its economy and the challenge is a good reason to foster ties with a good partner which is Germany," the minister said during the 4th Algerian-German Joint Commission, he co-chaired with State Secretary to German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs Stefan Kapferer.

Indeed, Benyounes invited the business communities from the two countries to impulse a new dynamic to the Algerian-German economic relations and raise them to the level of political relations, deemed "excellent."

Presenting the sectors offering opportunities for partnership as ICT, vocational training, health, energy and industry, the Minister stressed Algeria’s availability to promote bilateral cooperation.

The joint project for the production of industrial vehicles under the Mercedes Benz Daimler label which will be operational soon is a perfect example of the Algerian-German cooperation, said Benyounes.

From his part, Kapferer pledged to encourage German companies to invest in Algeria, a «stable» country and support the modernization of its economy.

"We have competences in energy sector, mainly energy efficiency, an important aspect for Algeria’s energy policy," he added.

German companies can also contribute in an "excellent" way to the achievement of projects in various sectors such as water resources, transport and public works, he added.

Asked about the progress of the "Desertec" project, the State Secretary indicated that the conditions for the construction of a solar power plant in Algeria are "ideal" but it will depend on the establishment of a network infrastructure between Algeria and Italy or the existence "real power purchase guarantees", asserting that the project has not yet started.

A minutes on the works of this commission was signed by both parties.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

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