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Commission to improve bank-company relation to be installed shortly

ALGIERS- A commission in charge to examine the problem related to the bank-company relation to improve it will be installed next week, Minister of Industrial Development and Investment Promotion Amara Benyounès said on Tuesday in Algiers.

"A commission responsible for examining the relation between banks and the companies will be installed in next week within the ministry," Benyounès declared on the sidelines of a parliamentary day hosted by the People’s National Assembly (Lower House- APN).

It will be composed of representatives of different banks and employers’ organization as well as officials from the ministry, he explained.

Indeed, Benyounès reckoned that the relation between the company and the banks is "complicated," adding that "in spite of improved banking services, the companies have nowadays new demands."

"Our objective is to preserve the existing companies and to make them grow, and create new ones,” he underlined while noting that "the industrial sector needs 1.5 million firms while now, it accounts between 650 000 to 700 000 firms."

The minister stressed the need for giving "all the facilitations to the companies" contributing to the country’s economic development.

APS 04 March 2014


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