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Investments have more than doubled during the first half of 2013

 The level of investment projects declared at  ANDI during the first half of 2013 reached a total volume of about 857 billion DA, that is to say an evolution of almost 108% compared to the same period of 2012 .


Main definitions and concepts used

 Investment: Any transaction to acquire assets intended to gather sustainable fixed assets for the exercise of productive economic activity, whether acquisitions within the scope of the creation of new activities , expansion of production capacity, relocation, rehabilitation and get back of activities, particularly in the context of a partial or full privatization.

 The system covers all investments made in the economic activities of production of goods and services, with the exception of the following:

activities that, under the specific legislation, fall outside the scope of this order,

activities which are subject to a benefit plan that is specific to them,

activities that can not, under any law, enjoy tax privileges.

activities expressly reserved to legal persons specifically designated by the legislation,

activities that do not require state support.


Investissement en partenariat: Investment in partnership: It is understood by the investment project in partnership, any investment project, part or all of which the funding comes either from abroad and / or reinvestment of existing companies of Algerian law with foreign capital whithin the framework of their projects of expansion of production capacity in the same activity and the same location.

These investments may be constituted:

• all by foreign capital (companies created before the advent of complementary finance law for 2009.

• in partnership with national investors residents as stipulated by the 2009 CFL ie 51% Algerian and 49% foreigners.

>>> The results  (french version) can be downloaded from this link: 1st Semester Results 2013




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