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The National Agency of Investment Development (ANDI) and COMPLEX EURL HAMMAMET SARADJIA, signed on Tuesday, January 15 , 2013, an investment agreement in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance 01-03, as amended and supplemented on the development of Investment.
This investment agreement aims at achieving the realization of a tourist complex, implemented in the city of El Hadjadj Marsat, Bethioua, Wilaya of Oran, including:

- A hotel with 300 beds in R + 4 class 5 stars;
- A Thalassotherapy Centre.
With a total cost of 7185 million dinars, and an expectation of job creation of about 360 jobs, the new tourism infrastructure will:
• Contribute to the reduction of the deficit in hotel infrastructure in the region,
• Participate in the valorisation of the assets of the region through a rich natural, cultural and tourist heritage.

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