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Conference on the development of information industry in the Arab countries. (Algiers, 04-06 December 2012)

The Ministry of Industry, Small and Medium Enterprises and investment promotion organized a conference on "Development of
Industrial Information in the Arab countries" from 4 to 6 December 2012 and this in collaboration with the Arab Organization for
Industrial Development and mines "AIDMO" and the Islamic Development bank.

The objective of this conference is to make a statement about the industrial information and its strategy in the Arab countries, its collection and dissemination to the decision making service at the level of the states, to the policy makers, to researchers and to investment Several experiences and models have been presented  in the field of industrial information. As such, directors, managers, experts and university academics have underlined the need for Arab economies to develop technological means and adequate information systems in particular to better protect industrial property, develop intelligence and crafts sector.
Speaking on this occasion, on the theme of "Role of statistics in the development of industrial information and decision-making", the Director General of the National Agency for Investment Development, Mr. Abdelkrim Mansouri, presented the system of information and communication of ANDI, in terms of collection and processing of information, including that relating to the investment and acting as a producer but also users of information produced by other sectors.





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