Word of G.D

It is with a great pleasure that I announce you the launch of the new website of the Agency, which constitutes an important instrument for the promotion of investment and the image of Algeria at the national and international level, destined to become, soon, a real "PORTAL OF INVESTMENT".

The redesign of the Website of the Agency comes, as such, within the framework of the targets set by ANDI, which essentially focus on the approximation of our institution with all investors, the actors in the economic sphere and its partners, for the purpose of offer them an integrated space of information and services, likely to meet their needs and concerns and to improve the rate of frequentation of the site which has increased in terms of number of visitors and web pages visited, respectively, of 78% and 178% between 2010 and 2012.

In its new version, the website of the Agency has been re-designed and reorganized according to new design technologies in use, to situate the investor in the heart of the system, thanks to a new urbanization of data, providing a convivial and attractive space, more elaborate and orderly architecture, updated information and an easy multicriteria access.

Thus, the constant improvement of the information and communication system of the Agency aims to increase the level of efficiency and quality of its services, particularly in terms of business relationship through the partnership of portfolio, the investment declaration on-line service, and downloading of the necessary documents for the establishment of investment projects.

This progress approach intervenes in continuation of various activities, undertaken by the Agency to ensure better proximity of investors, after the completion of the generalization operation of its Decentralized One Stop Shop to 48 Wilayas of the country, strengthened by their revitalization, particularly through strengthening the roles and prerogatives of the representatives of administration and agencies within the One Stop Shop, and the program of their interconnection networks with the structures, they are attached to..

In addition, these initiatives coincide with the large reform process, initiated by the Algerian government to improve the business climate, the regulation and the recovery of industrial activity, the redeployment of the economic sector, thanks to the comparative advantages of Algeria, which contains, its geo-strategic position, its abundant natural resources, cost-competitive production factors, a comfortable financial situation, a business incentive tax system, an important basic infrastructure and a significant institutional frame, legislative and regulatory fit in adequacy with international standards evolution.

Algeria is now determined to take up the challenge, guided in that by a constant heading, which is to pursue its commitment for a sustainable development, already foreseen, through his significant achievements and the launch of major public and private projects.

In this context, the National Agency for Investment Development aspires to contribute to the achievement of objectives and strategies, traced by the government, through the fulfilment of its tasks, mainly oriented towards the promotion, facilitation, assistance and support services to the investors from which all agency activities converge.

Investors, partners of the Agency, economic actors and visitors amongst the general public of Internet users, the agency would satisfy your concerns through its new website and will spare no effort to serve you better.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

                                                                                                                                     The general director

                                                                                                                                                     Mr A.Mansouri


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