Renewable Energy Sector (Updated April 2017)

National program


The integration of renewable energies into the national energy mix is a major challenge in terms of preserving fossil resources, diversifying electricity production channels and contributing to sustainable development.

According to the renewable energy development program 2011-2030, these energies are at the heart of Algeria's energy and economic policies, namely the development of photovoltaic and wind power on a large scale, Biomass (waste recovery), cogeneration and geothermal energy, and the development of solar thermal .


The renewable energy program consistency, to be achieved for the national market needs, over the period 2015-2030 is 22 000 MW, of which more than 4500 MW will be achieved by 2020.


The distribution of this program by technology activities is as follows:


• Photovoltaic Solar: 13,575 MW

• Wind energy: 5010 MW

• Thermal Solar: 2000 MW

• Biomass: 1,000 MW

• Cogeneration: 400 MW

• Geothermal energy: 15 MW 


The implementation of the program will make it possible to achieve by 2030 a share of renewable energy of nearly 27%in the national balance sheet



of electricity production.

The volume of natural gas saved by the 22 000 MW in renewable energy, will reach approximately 300 billion m3, representing a volume equivalent to 8 times the national consumption of 2014.


In accordance with the regulations in force, the program is open to national and foreign public and private sector investors.


The implementation of this program benefits from the substantial and multifaceted contribution of the State, which intervenes namely through the National Fund for Renewable Energies and Cogeneration (FNERC).


The implementation of this program is supported by the Algerian government through the establishment of the "Algerian Institute of Renewable Energy" as well as a network of research and development centers such as Electricity and Gas Research and Development Center, National Agency for the Use of Energy Promotion and Rationalization, Renewable Energy Development Center, Solar Equipment Development Unit, etc.


The investments development plan in renewable energies

The renewable energy capacities will be set up according to the specificities of each region:

  • South region, for the hybridization of existing power stations and supplying scattered sites, given the availability of space and the significant solar and wind ;
  • Highlands region for their sunshine and wind potential with the possibility of acquiring land;

      • Coastal region according to the land availability with the exploitation of all the spaces such as the roofs and terraces of the buildings and other  
         unused spaces.


The renewable energy development strategy is accompanied by the setting up of a National Research Program (NRP) in Renewable Energies, whose main scientific objectives are to evaluate renewable energy sources, control and optimize Conversion, transformation and storage of these energies and to develop a necessary know-how, ranging from the study to the construction of the installations on site.











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